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What we do for you


Billing and coding

We ensure claims are properly coded and submitted correctly to avoid rejections. This ensures proper payment in a timely fashion and increases cash flow for your practice.


Our team will run frequent reports for your practice to help make sure you have deeper insight into your practice operations. This includes collections reports, claim reports, and denial management.

outstanding balance collection

Our team will ensure that your aging reports are brought to zero. We will reach out to patients for outstanding bills and do whatever it takes to reconcile your accounts.


We stay up to date with a regulatory matters and changes in the insurance industry in order to maintain compliance with your claims. Keeping compliant means less chance for unfavorable audits and less re-work.

accounts receivable management

Our team will run aging reports and categorize your data based on patient types, aging days, and claims status. We’ll make sure your A/R accounts are under control.

dedicated support

Our team will provide you dedicated support via phone and email so that you can always communicate with us. We are dedicated to making sure your practice’s billing is fully under control.



Our pricing is as transparent and no-fuss as our services are.


of gross patient revenue collected.